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Posted on: 09/26/16

I wasn't sure if I was going to put an introduction into this story, but at the last minute I felt I needed some kind of Watering Can into story, or so I feel I do now: actually, after the whole story was done, I thought of this, you'd think it should be outlined in the beginning, wouldn't you--oh well, it might help the story and then it may confuse the reader before he gets into the story, for it doesn't really add to it, or take from it. And it is not of the same dream, although it is of a part of a dream many years ago. In l984, I had over 50-visions of happenings worldwide and other things, not dreams now, let's not mix those up. In any case, in the l990's I had about 10-more of those so called vision-dreams. I don't want to get into them at this point, I have already published that book: "The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon," but into a new area, that actually links into this story of, "After Eve."

I was really trying to get away from, or avoid, such things as: Darwinism, and Atlantis, and Aliens, Anthropology, Archeology, and all such things, and just present a nice little dream story, but when you start out a book, you really never know how it's going to end, or what it's going to involve, entail; or how it's going to affect you. You learn while you write it, as well as doing the research, and you learn from so many others also.

While on the Easter Island I met Charlie Love, an Archeologist and Geologist, and an Anthropologist; Charlie has been to the island for the past 26-years or so he told me. We stayed [my wife and me] at the same hotel he stays at, and the Movie Star, Kevin Costner stayed at, of which Charlie help with producing a Moai for the movie, a replica. In any event, Charlie had worked on one of the Moais that now stand at the dock, kind of greeting people as they go down and watch the sunset, as we did often. And he was working on another site nearby when we were there. We had a few drinks one evening together, and on the way back to the hotel we talked on the transportation of the Moais, that is, how they got moved, he was quite frank and soft spoken. Not arrogant about his knowledge, and my possible, lack of it. Yet as he explained no one really knows how the heavier ones were moved, having heard that I couldn't help but give my idea, especially after he insisted I do. Well I did, and I think it was a bit too supernatural for him, but then who knows. So Charlie, let me know when you do find out. Again I want to say he is probably the most humble and knowledgeable man in this area. Both of us having old medical issues, we both know the precious element of time and life. Life is to be prospected, we need not create hardships or persuade anyone to something that they wish not to be pushed toward, and he was kind in this area, as I hope I was.

Now if I can put a scientific-concept into motion here, call it mine or call Garden Watering Tools anyone's, but let's see how it fits, and then connect into my little story to follow.


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