material with Enameled Copper Wire

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Posted on: 09/26/16

It's easy. No more need to run Copper Wire everywhere you need a connection. I for one will not miss crawling through dusty, hot confined roof spaces to run wires.
Coverage - go mobile. With wire you are tied to that wall socket, now you can drag your tablet into the back yard or someone else's office and stay connected.
Expand. With WiFi range extenders and bridges you extend a wireless from your office to the poolside and even your office across town.
Cost. Don't like running cables? Neither do electricians, so they will charge you well for the pleasure. A wireless network can be set up with one relatively cheap device.

The future is here, with smart phones and pads even Dick Tracey style watches and glasses all capable of becoming "connected". Two of the world's most flamboyant entrepreneurs, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are currently in a space race to provide the whole world with wireless internet via low earth orbit satellite. No more cables, wires or even fibre optic. Great news for those folk in remote areas. Wireless is here and won't be going anywhere soon. Are you ready to get "connected"?

What Are the Advantages of Fibre Optics in Communication?
The latest improvement in telecommunication is brought to us by fibre optics equipment. They help transmit signals to much greater distances without loss. They are much higher and better than any regular wireless connections when they work at their maximum level of speed. Unlike wireless connections, fibre optics do not experience any signal loss.
But what are optical fibres? These are transparent fiber glass or plastic covered in a casing made of material with Enameled Copper Wire. With the help of internal reflections, it is capable of transmitting light throughout its length then these signals are transmitted as a means of communication. This made way to optical fiber communication systems that makes transfer of voice, data and images possible. It has several features that make it convenient to use.


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